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Welcome to London Lumantics - home to Barnaby Miller's ornamental, origami, mechanical, video, animation and other non-narrative art projects.

The Unicorns of London Projecct

As part of his real-world photographic 'Unicorns of London' project, Barnaby makes an origami unicorn each day and deposits it somewhere around the city, exploring the urban environment from a different perspective.


Looping animations in which Barnaby explores the interplay between art and technology.

Ornaments & Origami

Ornamental art pieces individually crafted in London by Barnaby Miller.


Sustainable wooden accessories for day-to-day living, designed and individually crafted in London by Barnaby Miller.


When he's not out in the real world with his camera and unicorns and cameras, Barnaby takes a virtual camera into the digital worlds he creates for his animations to produce large format still prints, liberating his work from the rigid confines of the digital screen and further exploring the relationship between technology and art.


Commissions and Early Work

About Still.jpg

About Barnaby

Barnaby is a writer, filmmaker, artist and lumantic whose work has been exhibited in the UK, Republic of Ireland and USA.

Barnaby has always divided his time between the arts and sciences, and continues to develop projects that combine these  disciplines.

For more information about his narrative work, in both the independent and commercial sectors, please see

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